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Bulk Deletions



My first Caspio application is a simple search and report form with one table that I need to repopulate weekly. I figured I would delete all records in the table, then upload the weekly extract from my production database (not in Caspio). I have searched for documentation on performing bulk deletions and found nothing. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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If you want to populate it with the new data every week you can use import and replace option on the import wizard. This way the new data will be replaced with the old ones.

To delete all records also you can go to the Edit menu when the table is open and use Delete All option.

Let me know if this solves yours problem.


Bahar M.

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Just want to update this post. Now, Caspio has a feature that can delete bulk of data or information.  Bulk delete is available in all report types, user can select any number of displayed records and delete them at once. You can refer to this link for documentation:


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