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Form passing a parameter to field incorrectly



I have a form #1 that passes an ID to form#2. Occasionally, it not only passes the parameter (ID) to the field intended, it also passes the parameter to a field that is not intended. The field it's passing to that is not intended isn't even set up to accept a value.

I believe this is a browser issue as I've tried to reproduce the problem and I can't. I'm just noticing it occasionally in my data - maybe 1% of my data but it makes that 1% wrong!

Any help or ideas? I've called Caspio and they've checked my code but they couldn't find anything wrong,

thanks, Tracie

Here's a link to the page and form: http://www.mydirectorymaker.com/ec/upda ... ol_Id=1001

When you hit continue, it passing the school id to the family id on the next page and it shouldn't

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I can see it as a user error but not the application or browser error. If the family id field in the second web form is not setup to receive a parameter, there is no other way for it to receive the school id unless user manually puts it in.

On another note, I noticed that the way you have hide the school id from the first form is by making the font white however this is not a recommended way as if user in any way ends up on that input field using the Tab button or mouse click and then type in something the school id will be updated to the new input value. In order to prevent user's error in this case I recommend if you hide the field using styles and HTML blocks. You can see how to hide a field in a details page in the following article http://howto.caspio.com/customization/h ... pages.html, note the "Using a table to hide fields:" section.


Bahar M.

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