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Remove an empty field using javascript

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I am trying to remove a field from a details page when the field is empty. I have read several posts seeking similar funtionality but I still have not learned the secret javascript handshake on how to make this work. My understanding is that style.display for a field that is set to "none" means the field will no longer take up space on the details page as opposed to only being hidden. Here is what I have:

/* See if Comments1 field contains a value*/

var com1 = '[@field:Comments1]';

if (com1 == '')


"Insert javascript code here to set display of Comments1 field to none"


I know the if() part of the above statement works because I can display a link when the field is empty (which I did for testing that part of the code). However substituting in code to set the field display to "none" has not been successful. Here is what I have tried so far...

1) document.getElementById("EditRecordComments1").style.display="none";

2) document.getElementById(\"EditRecordComments1\").style.display=\"none\";

3) document.getElementById("[@EditRecordComments1]").style.display="none";

4) document.getElementById("Comments1").style.display = "none";

I read one post that indicated an event (like onload) is needed to trigger javascript code but that didn't seem to be the case since my test code to make a link appear worked fine without referencing any specific event in the javascript. Also, if I am off-base on "none" preventing the affected field from even taking up space on the html details page, please let me know.

Thank you!

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Hiding a field from the details page when the field is empty is now a standard feature of Caspio. You just need to edit your DataPage > Configure Details Page Fields and go to Advanced tab.  Check the textbox for "Hide field if Blank". Please see screenshot below. 





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