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Merging two spreadsheets



Hi all!

I have a spreadsheet (1) that I have loaded as a new table into Caspio. This spreadsheet as info including First Name, Last Name and Interest.

My second spreadsheet (2) has First Name, Last Name and Email Address. However, some of the First and Last Names in this spreadsheet don't match spreadsheet 1. However, I want to import this spreadsheet 2 into a table or whatever and compare it with spreadsheet 1 and merge them. So I end up with Spreadsheet 1 having email addresses that originated from Spreadsheet 2. Basically any first and last name from spreadsheet 2 that match spreadsheet 1, add the email address from spreadsheet 2 to spreadsheet 1.

I hope this makes sense! If you can help, please make the intructions simple, I'm very new to this =)

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My solution would use Caspio.

Spreadsheet = SS; Table = T; Report (Tabular) DataPage = R

1) Import SS1 into Caspio T1

2) Import SS2 into Caspio T2

3) Create a R1 based on T1; show all the records within it.

4) Group by Lastname and Firstname ('Grouping' tab on "Configure Result Page Fields" step)

5) Add "Download data" link ('Advanced' tab on "Search Results options" step; of course, "Advanced" options on 2nd wizard step should be checked to see this tab).

Tip 1: suggest using CSV data format for downloaded file.

6) Create the same R2 for T2 with grouping and download options.

7) Open R1 and download data.

8) Open R2 and download data.

Now you have grouped data in two different files and can merge them. You can use EXCEL for this task.

Tip 2: Suggest using KDiff3 to compare what to be merged (http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/) -- an OpenSource tool.

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