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Is it possible to populate a Bridge Table with two autocomplete selection elements?



As a First time Caspio user I'm sure there is a way to do this but I have been encountering some difficulties. 

I have created this solution a number of times directly using AJAX and a Databse, but there are some tiny things that seem to be holding me back in Caspio. I am hoping someone can assist me.

The situation is fairly simple. 3 tables, two of which are data and one of which institutes a many to many join between the two

So I have

Person (Table)
Person_ID (Unique) (ID)
FirstName (Text255)
LastName (Text255)
FullName (Formula FirstName + ' ' + LastName)

Employer (Table)
Employer_ID (Unique) (ID)
Employer Name

Person_ID (Text255)
Employer_ID (Text255)

Creating a DataPage I start with Person_Join_Employer and I am able to create dropdowns from Person and Employer using the FullName field for Person for the display and the Person_ID from Person for the Value and doing the same with Employer, Dropdown using EmployerName and Employer_ID for the name and value respectively. Select both, press a button and the record gets added..

Now I want to change the dropdowns to Autocompletes and everything goes of the rails. FullName is no longer an acceptable value, and I'm not able to pair a value with the selection. Can anyone help? I'd prefer not to have to perform one selection then pass the ID to another DataPage to make the second one, but I will try that if I have to.


Please Help,


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Hello @KenWi,

As I understood the issue is the following: 
1) When the form element is Dropdown there are 2 options: Field for display and field for value (Full name and ID in your example)

2) When the form element is Autocomplete, there is only 1 option and the user submits a full name instead of ID.

You may test this solution:

1) Add a Virtual field and use an Autocomplete form element for it:


2) The table field should be a Calculated value to retrieve the ID based on the selected full name
For example:

SELECT Person_ID FROM Person WHERE FullName = '[@cbParamVirtual1]'



When the field is a Calculated value there is a 'Hide Field' checkbox on the Advanced tab. So, you may hide that field and the user will not see it.

Additional note: when 2 or more values are concatenated in the Formula field the data type of this formula is Text(64000). To improve performance you may convert the value to Text(255)

For example: CONVERT(varchar(255), [@field:FirstName]+space(1)+[@field:LastName])

Feel free to update this thread if you have any questions. 

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