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Account Group/User permissions - what constitutes READ permission?



I am giving access to my Caspio account to someone to look under the hood a little.  Under their account in Caspio I set their account level for an app to Read only.  But when they login they can edit data in tables.  I take it Read does not mean Read Only?  Is there a way to have them look at tables and datapages but not be able to change the data?




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Hi, @roattw. Is the user under a custom group? By default, all users are under the "Everyone". You must also set the "Ready app" to the "Everyone" group: https://howto.caspio.com/managing-your-account/internal-users-groups-and-api-profiles/managing-permissions/#:~:text=users in the-,Everyone,-group have partial 


Or use the "Everyone" permission for this user instead of a custom group.



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Thanks for the reply!   They are part of Everyone.  And I set that users permission for that App to just Read, but that lets them edit/add/change data.



So I edited that users overall permissions for All Tables, nothing checked, but it still lets them edit table data.


Interestingly, if I go to All Data Pages for that user and app, and remove Full Control and hit Apply > Ok if I go back to that same setting they are all checked again.


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