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Dynamic Line Chart



I am trying to set up a line chart that viewers can use to compare our county with other counties in CA in terms of hospitalizations for certain conditions.

Data is in a table that has a column for Year, County, Condition, and the Number of Hospitalizations (per 100K patients).

What I would like to do is to make it so the viewer can select a Condition and a County from the drop down list and the chart will display the Condition as the title of the chart, a series named for the county they selected with the number of hospitalizations and a second series named for our county "Shasta" will show our hospitalizations for that condition. The x-axis will be Year and the Y-axis will be the Number of Hospitalizations.

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I think it is possible but not exactly as you want it. Each Caspio Chart series is a column/field from the table so if you would like to have Shasta numbers always to be on the chart as a comparison with another county numbers, you need to add a column/field to your table to store the Shasta hispitalization numbers and then as your second series choose this field.

To display the condition chosen by user you can pass the parameter from search and receive it in the header of the chart. So insert header/footer in the configure chart options screen and in the header receive the parameter. So from search field you will send the parameter to next page by going to Advanced tab and let's say the parameter is called: [@condition], then in the chart header you can receive it using the same name [@condition]

But for the series we can not receive a parameter in the series label (legend label). I will go ahead and add this feature request to the list.

Please do not hesitate to add your feature requests to the Request features, Repost bugs forum at viewforum.php?f=7.

Back to implementing the chart, here is an example of the table structure and chart configuration.

Table: My_Table

Fields: Year (text), County (text), Condition (text), No_Hospitalization (Number), Shasta_No_Hospitalization

Chart Configuration:

Category field (X_Axis): Year

Series 1 field: No_Hospitalization

Series 2 field: Shasta_No_Hospitalization

Hope this helps.


Bahar M.

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