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Submission - Need View data in order to submit New Records



I have two complex data pages that are both submission data pages. Because they are submission data pages, I do not have the ability to use view data to help create the new records. Because of this, I am being forced to make MANY database calls in order to get the data I need to create the new records.

Requirement: Log user Login activity, load external parameters, redirect user to appropriate landing page based on user type

Scenario #1: 3 states (User exists and is Member, User exists and is Admin, User doesn't exist and is NEW)

Based on User Status:

  1. If Exist, Get Profile information and load external parameters (currently 12 params)
  2. If Exists, Get Profile Preferences and load external parameters (currently 27 params)
  3. Redirect to appropriate location

Problem: If I keep with a Submission DP (submitting ProfileLoginLog), then I need 39 individual calls to the database because I don't have a view I can rely on.

What I am Thinking: If I change the data page to an Update DP, I can then use a view that will support the Profile and Profile Preferences. 

But then I end up with two problems:

  1. How do I handle the condition (a VALID condition) of when the user is NOT found?
  2. How do I insert a record into the ProfileLoginLog table?

Any Ideas?

If I can solve this for one situation, I can solve this for both situations.

Your help would be much appreciated.


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Works like a charm! I validated and added the Log record with the first data page, passed a parameter and then used the second datapage (and it's expansive view) to put my many external parms into play. The "Submit" button doesn't quite disappear right away, so I used localization and relabeled it to "One Moment..."  It's brief, but explains why it's there and then it disappears and the member is redirected. Took me less than 2 hours to put it all together (1 view, 1 new DP, 1 existing DP, 1 new web page, and testing) plus coffee :) 

Thank you!


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