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How to Update Data In a Table - Using a Form



Hey everyone -

I've created a calendar datapage based on a table of information. I've created an Add a Record form which works, but am unclear on how to allow users to look specific records up and edit that information (or delete a record). The online help shows how to have users update their own profile data, but not how to edit data not related to their login. I want the entire calander table to be editable.

I have an authentication folder set up with my intended 'Update a Record' datapage inside (it's the only page in there). Inside the folder, I create a ‘Single Record Update Form’ that uses the Calendar table for the data source. The problem is when I click next, there is only one selectable option: ‘Find record through Record Level Security’. Find record though unique ID is not selectable.

What am I missing?

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Hi Ryan,

You can enable details page on the Calendar Report or any other type of Reports. On the details page you can include the fields and configure different form elements such as Text Field, Text Area,... for each field. This way user can drill down to details page and update the record.

Hope this helps.


Bahar M.

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By the way.

The deleting of records is enabled for Tabular report. You can create another DataPage (Tabular Report) based on the same data source, and add link to that DataPage.

In case user wish to delete any record, he opens the 2nd DataPage and deletes this record from that. It will no longer be in table and, as a result, on Calendar. Deploy 2nd DataPage via link and paste the deploy-code into HTML header or footer of your Calendar DP.

Another way -- add Yes/No field into table naming "IsDeleted". Do not display this in Result Page (in calendar), but display this in Details page. Filter Result Page records by this field ("IsDeleted" - NO). In case you use Search form, use 'Hidden' form element (not to display this) for this.

Add Checkbox form element for "IsDeleted" field on details page. In case it is checked and record updated -- the YES value will be stored in database and this record will be filtered and not displayed in Calendar any more.

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