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Keyword Search in Search & Report Data Page



Hi everyone,

I need to create a single-entry global keyword search for all of the records in my table on the search page for a report data page. I am looking to have a textbox where I can enter enter a value and have it search through all of the fields in my table and then return any records that have the keyword text. I can't find the functionality on the 'Configure Search Fields' section on the Search and Report Wizard. Is this type of functionality built into Caspio? Please forgive me if this is answered on the support page or here in the forums - I haven't found anything that answers this question. Thanks.

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Hi bJamble,

This is not a built-in comparison type in Caspio but you can implement it by using a web form to act as a fake search by passing the search field value to the next page. The next page will be a predefined criteria report which has all the fields in the filtering criteria using "OR" logical operator and receiving the parameter from the previous page. This way whatever value put in the search text field is being passed to the report and filters the records by looking up for the value on all the fields.

To see how to separate a search from the report (creating the web form with virtual field to pass the parameter and create a predefined criteria report) you can review this article: http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/in-a ... pages.html


Bahar M.

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