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JavaScript: Syncing a Dynamically Changing Calculated Field with a Text Input Field"

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Hi, this isn't a question; I just wanted to share the following information:

I was looking for a solution to synchronize my text input field and my calculated field only when the values of the calculated field change. Here's how I achieved this:


document.addEventListener("DataPageReady", function() {
  // Get the text input field
  const inputField = document.getElementById("InsertRecordfieldc");
  // Add a change event listener to all elements whose IDs start with "cbParamVirtual1"
  document.querySelectorAll('[id^="cbParamVirtual1"]').forEach(function(calculatedField) {
    calculatedField.addEventListener("change", function() {
      // Update the text input field with the value of the changed calculated field
      inputField.value = calculatedField.value;


1.) First we need the Caspio  event listener DataPage ready. This code sets up an event listener that waits for the "DataPageReady" event to occur.
2.) Since the calculated field input field id is dynamically change we use a query selector and use a loop to select all id's that start with "cbParamVirtual1" or the id of your field which could varies depending on the number of your virtual field.
3.) Inside the "change" event listener function, inputField.value = calculatedField.value; is used to update the value of the text input field (InsertRecordfieldc) with the value of the changed calculated field (calculatedField). Essentially, it's synchronizing the value of the text input field with the value of the dynamically changing calculated field.

Hope this helps!

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