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Formation (Structure) of New Database Project



Hi all, I have been a long time user of Caspio and have decided to redo my current job application. I want to set it up properly and want some ideas on how to do that. I have a real issue dealing with views so any detailed explanation about would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas on how to structure this within Caspio would be great. I understand how to pass perameters so that isn't an issue. Once again the logic on views often trips me up.

Here is the project:

I want an application where a candidate can add Basic Contact Info. At that point they will add a job or two (probably via a link by "HTML Block"). The same goes for their various school locations. From there they can log out. I would then like them to be able log back in and update any of those items and add jobs/education as needed. On my end I would like to search for candidates and add some internal notes.

Here are the 3 tables

Table #1: Basic Contact Info





Table #2: Jobs


Start Date

End Date



Table #3: Education



Graduation Date


Descripton of Studies



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Hello -

What I don't see in the Basic Contact Info (and you may have it, but didn't list it as a field) is a unique ID. Unique IDs are the key to creating views. If your user inputs their personal information first, they can create one. It can never be duplicated, so there is a possibility that someone would try to input the same ID. But the database wouldn't permit it. Or you can auto-generate a unique ID.

In either case you need to pass the ID as a parameter to populate a field in the education and job tables when the contact is adding this information. The passed parameters don't have to be identified as unique in Caspio in the education or job tables.

Views are built upon table relationships in Caspio. Maybe try thinking about it like this:

One contact can have many schools

One contact can have may jobs

Attached is a blueprint for a database structure I created for my site http://www.intellestate.com. The LenderID field is unique in the Lender Information table and then is the connector to all the other tables in different views. Maybe it can be useful for you.

Caspio can only merge two tables in a view. That may or may not be a consideration in what you're doing.

Best of luck with what you're doing.


Brad N.

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Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

I found an example of something that I would like to create. It has the basic idea and I like the panel to the right that displays the details info from the results from the list on the left. I also like the accordion style it has.

Any thoughts on how to build this properly? I seem to build it and miss key parts which makes it inoperable as I didnt plan it all out properly.


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Oh... by the way... I lilke this BUT I would also like to update the various secitons listed on the right side. I believe a view will allow one table to be edited but not more than one and a datebase like this would require several tables in one view. My guess is I would have to create a link which could pop up an update form so I can edit that portion of the record. Any thoughts on this as well would be great!

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