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Multiple Submission form in a single web page



Suppose,there are multiple submission form in a same web page. I would like to call javascript function written in respective datapage whenever the 'SUBMIT' button in clicked on each datapage. I tried using document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=function(){....} in all the datapage's footer for calling my javascript. But it is not working...Is this not the correct way ???

appreciate your help.

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Hello Ariel,

If you have multiple submission form in a same web page, you have to use

document.forms[0].onsubmit=function(){....} . The submission form that is located on the top of your web page is referred as forms[0], the form after it is forms[1] and so on.

Also, you can create a div tag in your header in the 'Web Form Wizard- Configure Fields' . Provide and 'Id' and close this div in footer. This way the contents between header and footer is assigned an id. Then you can use

//in header

//in footer

document.getElementById('div_id').onsubmit=function(){....} //in footer after closing div tag.

I prefer second process because I play with web pages a lot and keep on adding and deleting forms in it. I do not want to change the form array as I change my web page...:)

hope it helps.

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