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Can't add a second X Axis



I have some data that I was hoping to graph with 2 X axes.  In a solution offered by Barbie in 2019 it  mentions adding a second X-axis:  https://forums.caspio.com/topic/9496-bar-chart-x-axis-value/?do=findComment&comment=29013 - select X axis, add new value for it.


In mine, when I select X axis (#1) then add new value (#2) mine shows up only under the Y axis (#3)


Im trying to achieve this that I get in Excel in Caspio.



My data is "Calls" which are a count of nonblank entry IDs.

My "Treats" are derived from a formula in a table that renders a value of "Treated" or "Not Treated".  Is the fact that its a value derived from a formula that presents the issue?  I copy the same data over to Excel I don't have an issue.  In Caspio, I can only get single bar, cases or calls, not both.


Thanks for any insight.






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