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Allowing users to filter something pre-filtered...



Hey all -

I have a calendar that our business developers use to schedule meetings and upload pre and post meeting notes to. There is another page that shows all meetings that have post-meeting notes on. This is done by taking the calendar data and using a predetemined filter that returns all records where the 'notes' field is not blank.

This returns all notes for all regions. As this grows in size, I want the user to be able to pick the region from a dropdown before returning results. So, this page needs to use the predetermined filter to cut it down to only records with notes attached, AND the user needs to be able to select the region to view.

How do I combine predetermined and user-selected filtering? Is there a different way to do this?

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you said you want to implement two filters: 1) predetermined 2) user-selected.

You can use views and apply the predetermined criteria/filter over there. Please view this article: http://howto.caspio.com/views/creating- ... table.html. And for second filter, you can select 'Allow users to select data using a search form' in 'Calendar Wizard-Search Type'. Then configure the dropdown option for the selected field in 'Calendar Wizard-Configure Search Fields' and proceed further.

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