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[Answer] Autocomplete's Droplist Height

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Autocomplete is a pain in the bikini bottom when inspecting because of how the droplist disappears whenever you try to inspect its element. However, after digging deep into Styles, I found out that there is a class in Source that can be used to modify its height so it doesn't expand to 10 options(default).

The class is "cbFormAutoCompleteList" and there is no built in function in Styles to add or reduce its height so you'll need to add one. You can also add this to the Header of your DataPage if you only want to apply it on a specific form only:


.cbFormAutoCompleteList {
overflow-y: scroll !important;  /*overflow is optional if you still want to allow your users to see all the options available*/
height: 93px !important; 

Hope this helps anyone trying to edit their autocomplete field!

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