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One search for multiple tables



So I know how to do bits and pieces of this, but there's a big blank when it comes to main part.

I'd like to have a dropdown menu that given a selection will return a search of the corresponding table.

Each table has different fields, but a couple common fields between them -- Publication and TitleID.

Is this even possible of do I need to create a reports data page for each table and then wrap them in a search?

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So I created a relationship between the tables, though I don't know what to do from there. I don't see any options to use a relationship in either the Data Page Wizard or in the View Wizard.

I also created a View, and seem to have some success there with returning results from one table by passing a parameter, though I also get fields from other portions of the view that don't relate to the search results, and I don't know how filter the fields returned in the search results based on the search.

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The relationship makes it easier when creating a View to populate the joins and join types. After you have created a View which joins these tables you can open the View and make sure it is returning the desired results, if not you may want to edit the View and change the join types or add filtering to get the desired results set. Then you can create a Search/Report DataPage and use the View for the data source of the DataPage and select your search, results, and details page fields accordingly.

To learn more about creating Search and Reports, please refer to http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/creat ... -datapage/.


Bahar M.

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