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Wait for calculated fields before submitting a form.

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I have a submission DataPage with some calculated fields that require some time to finish the calculation and I need a way to set a delay of about 30 seconds after the user clicks the submit button.

I found something similar in a tech tip from Caspio to set a timeout to the form but that's not exactly what I want to achieve.

Can anyone help me with this please?

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Hi @Barry

Although there is no standard way to do this in Caspio, a simple JavaScript could do the job:

    window.addEventListener('load', function () {
      // Get all elements with IDs starting with "Submit_"
      var submitElements = document.querySelectorAll('[id^="Submit_"]');

      // Disable each element for 30 seconds
      submitElements.forEach(function (element) {
        element.disabled = true;

      // Enable elements after 30 seconds
      setTimeout(function () {
        submitElements.forEach(function (element) {
          element.disabled = false;
      }, 30000); // 30 seconds in milliseconds

You can see comments so that you can adjust each part to your needs. Also, I have attached a sample app where I applied the code.

However, my solution may not be perfect since the button looks active, it just allows the submission after the time interval. 

If you need it to be 'visually' inactive, you may also need to apply some CSS.


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