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How to use Caspio SEO Deployment?!?



Hi all. I need to know how to use SEO deployment correctly. I am new to web page development and search engine optimization.

Caspio help says:

"On the Deploy DataPage dialog, and select Server-side (SEO) from the Method dropdown field. Choose the appropriate Host page type for your DataPage (php, asp, or aspx)."

Caspio also says:

"This deployment method is compatible with three programming languages, PHP, ASP and ASPX. If you are not familiar with which your server uses, contact your webmaster."

How do I find out what my host page type is for my datapage, or which my server uses. I am a little confused. My site is hosted through godaddy.com and all of my datapages are embedded in my differnt html webpage files. Will this not work? Do I need to change the extension or the format of my page to php or asp instead of html?

Please help as this is very important to my site and as I am new to this. Thanks in advance.



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To find out which programming language your web host supports you can contact godaddy support or search through their forum.

As an example, let's say your host supports PHP, I recommend if you save your HTML files as .PHP rather than .HTML although it depends on the server configuration as some servers may execute PHP scripts even on .HTML pages. All of these can be confirmed with you host company.


Bahar M.

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Thanks Bahar for the response. I figured out that my host provider godaddy does support php. But i noticed that caspio asks for the "host page type:" (seen in the picutre below) and .html is not one of the options.

Posted Image

As I have saved all of my files in html and the links in these pages are html as well I would need to change all of the pages' extensions and all of the links to .php instead of .html correct? Or would .html work for seo deployment?

Please let me know when you can as I would like to have my seo deployed correctly and my page extensions correct as well so I wont have to change them again?



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