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Facebook Like buttons - Outdated guide??



Tried to add Like button per http://howto.caspio.com/extensions/soci ... utton.html

Is this report before March 2011? Facebook has made many changes.

The Like Buttons work on the record details page and a "Like" is placed on the Facebook wall but I can't get specific any unique record data to pass along with the ID Title on submit.

Is anybody up to date with this? has anybody been successful in implementing the "Like" to display unique records (like store items)?

The Caspio guide sample says "Note: To use this technique you must not add Open Graph meta data to your web page." But should some of this coding be used?

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I tried it and it is working fine for me.. But I think it can have shorter way also.

1) go to : http://developers.facebook.com/docs/ref ... gins/like/

2) Get the Like Button Code

3) Paste the code in the footer of the DataPage in Caspio Bridge.

If you face any trouble, provide the information: what type of DataPage are you using and where did you pasted the code...:)

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Thank for the input, yes the quick standard way works and also in conjunction with the Open Graph attributes can provide a nice detail in Facebook. But this will produce a "page like" and not an "Record" level Like from the Database.

I have actually figured it all out and got the system to work last night with the Like on the Search and Report Detail Page and then through Facebook being redirected to a new Detailed View with the record detail.

However when we click on the Like link in Facebook, the first time it takes me to the correct record, but if I go back to the Search and Report and click on a different choice item, then when I go to Facebook and click on the new Like it take me to the previous Detail Item. Its stuck there. Don't know if cookies, or Facebook is not accepting my repeated varied selections.

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It's interesting...I tested it in chrome and IE9 again....it is working as expected.

The steps I followed:

Open the detail of a record, like it, see the facebook, clicked on the link that I liked. It takes me to the same detail page. I can repeat it for many records and all went to respective detail page.

I would be happy if you can send the URL link and I can like and test it....if it behaves normally or not....

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