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Facebook Like - Showing same record



I have implemented per Caspio guide the FB Like button on the Search and Report Detail Page and then through Facebook being redirected to a new Detailed View with the record detail. (Not using Open Graph)

However when we click on the Like link in Facebook, the first time it takes me to the correct record, but if I go back to the Search and Report and click on a different choice item, then when I go to Facebook and click on the new Like it take me to the previous Detail Item. Its stuck there. It also shows as if I had previously Liked the item.

Don't know if cookies, or Facebook is not accepting my repeated varied selections.

I tried different browsers, tried next day, tried logging into a different Facebook account, tried with my cell phone.

Any clues whats wrong

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Hi normindr,

Have you defined a unique ID in the table as the tutorial suggested and if so, are you passing a correct ID in your querystring? so make sure using [@field:Fieldname](here replace fieldname with UniqueID) in below text taken from tutorial at: http://wp.me/P10x67-tK

I guess that might be the issue. let me know if you still have issue. :mrgreen:

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This morning I submitted a ticket to Caspio as I was sure I was doing everything OK. They replied a short while ago, correcting the code I was using from the guide (link you provided)

"They" have a mistake there. They typed %3D[@UniqueID] in the guide and not %3D[@field:UniqueID] as you correctly indicate as well in your tip.

As a novice I have no reason to doubt the "Pros" when they ask me to do something......

I asked that they review the guides. The real pros out there don't need guides and don't need Caspio to develop these apps. But If Caspio wants to sell to the general public and publish guides, they best review the work before they publish. These mistakes can cost them business.

Anyway, I want to thank you. Your reply would have been essential in resolving the problem had Caspio not replied to me in time

Again thanks.

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As a newbie I have no reason to doubt the "pros" when asked to do something ......

I asked that they review guides. The real pros out there do not need guides and not Caspio to develop these applications. But if Caspio want to sell to the public and publish manuals, the best review work before they publish. These errors can cost the business.

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