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How do I move the Submit button?

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You can set buttons positions in the Style wizard (on the 'Settings' page go to Forms/Details -> Layout -> Button Cells). But you can move it only on the same line under the fields.

To move a button above the fields you should use custom JavaScript code.

Example for the Search form:

On the "Configure Search Fields" page in wizard insert "Header/Footer"

In the footer insert the following JavaScript code:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var btn = document.getElementById('searchID');

    if(btn && btn.nodeName){
        var tr = btn.parentNode;
        while(tr && tr.nodeName.toLowerCase() != 'tr') tr = tr.parentNode;

        tr.parentNode.insertBefore(tr.cloneNode(true), tr.parentNode.firstChild);



This example works for the Search form, for other forms replace the 'searchID' with the correct button ID.

Hope this helps.

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