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Have Calendar Jump to Searched Record



Hello All,

Is there anyway in a Calendar Datapage to have the calendar "jump" the week to date of a searched record?

I default the calendar to "Today" in a Weekly View.



When a user searches for a record, if that record doesn't have a date in the current weekly view, it doesn't appear, although it exists on a future date.



If a user searches for a record in the search field, I would like the calendar below to jump to the week of that record. In this example, after clicking search for this Customer's Name, the calendar would jump to the week of January 7, 2024-January 13,2024 because the customer's appointment is on January 9, 2024.



Does anyone know if this functionality is possible?



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Hello @ChristianM,

In my understanding, the displayed week depends on the 'Date displayed by default' option. And I cannot see the workaround to override this behavior. 

So, you may choose one of these options instead of  'Today':

  • Date of first matching record
  • Date of last matching record



For example, if you select the 'Date of last matching record' option it will display the last appointment for the customer. 

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Hey @CoopperBackpack,

Thanks for reaching out. I did see those defaults but they don't solve the issue as they still "lock" the week to a certain date/record.

I am going to open a Support Ticket. I'd really like to have both features: default the calendar on load to the week of today AND when a record is searched, jump to the week of that record.


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