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Use File upload as a link in a Case Statement



Thank you in advance for your help.

I have two upload locations. The first one is the Caspio upload to the Caspio file section. My users are uploading very large scanned files (PDFs), and I had to create a separate upload page outside of Caspio and outside storage. However, I have a tabular data page that shows the upload link. I need to create a CASE statement that will determine if the old document upload ( [@field:ISDocumentUpload])was used; if not, then the new URL ([@field:ISFileURL]). This is what I have so far, but I am having problems getting the URL of the Capsio upload location.

WHEN [@field:ISDocumentUpload] IS NOT NULL
THEN '<a href="@FileUploadField">Download File</a>'
ELSE '[@field:ISFileURL]'


So far the <a href="@FileUploadField">Download File</a> only shows a link that changes when you hover, but there is no destination URL inserted.

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Hello @Hiperf

Could you specify what your intention is by adding @FileUploadField? The syntax does not seem right because when referring to a field from the table, it should be [@field:FileUploadField]

What is the field name of the native file field? Is it ISDocumentUpload or FileUploadField?

 To create a link to the file from the file field, first, you need to enable filestore CDN: https://howto.caspio.com/files-and-images/filestor-cdn/

After that, you can get a URL to the file using the specified in the article structure.

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I have two different upload locations; the old one is through Caspio using the File Field, and the new upload location is to our server. I need to keep the old one active for 14 months so the users can click a link on the record and download the file. I am trying to display only one column for the download link; see attached.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 171031.png

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Hello @Hiperf

I can suggest the following:

1. You need at least 3 columns on your report: 
2. You leave FileUploadField and ISFileURL columns as it is (meaning that they have their respective download links)

3. You add this JavaScript to the header or footer of your DataPage:


if (document.DataPageReadyHandler == undefined) {
const ISDocumentUploadPosition = 1
const FileUploadFieldPosition = 2
const ISFileURLPosition = 3

const hideCells = () => {
document.querySelectorAll(`.cbResultSetTableHeader th:nth-child(${FileUploadFieldPosition}), 
                           .cbResultSetTableHeader th:nth-child(${ISFileURLPosition}), 
                           .cbResultSetDataRow td:nth-child(${FileUploadFieldPosition}), 
                           .cbResultSetDataRow td:nth-child(${ISFileURLPosition})`).forEach(el=>el.style.display = 'none')


const DataPageReadyHandler = (e) => {
 if (e.detail.appKey != '[@cbAppKey]') { return }
 let ISDocumentUploadCell = tr.querySelector(`td:nth-child(${ISDocumentUploadPosition})`)
 let FileUploadFieldCell = tr.querySelector(`td:nth-child(${FileUploadFieldPosition})`)
 let ISFileURLCell = tr.querySelector(`td:nth-child(${ISFileURLPosition})`)
 if (ISDocumentUploadCell.innerText.trim() != '') {ISDocumentUploadCell.innerHTML = FileUploadFieldCell.innerHTML}
 else {
 ISDocumentUploadCell.innerHTML = ISFileURLCell.innerHTML


document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', DataPageReadyHandler)
document.DataPageReadyHandler = 'Enabled'


You need to specify the order position of these respective columns in your report by changing the values of the following variables:

const ISDocumentUploadPosition = 1
const FileUploadFieldPosition = 2
const ISFileURLPosition = 3

The JavaScript will hide FileUploadField and ISFileURL columns, and based on your condition, it will show either FileUploadField or ISFileURL download links in ISDocumentUpload column

Here is an example with 2 records: https://c7eku786.caspio.com/dp/7f80b000d31047d6d3f54422a625
One link is taken from FileUploadField, and another from ISFileURL

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