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Mark record as opened



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I asked the same question several months ago.

The official reply was, "This requires custom programming. Contact Caspio for price quotes."

It would appear that record locking is not implimented without additional cost.

The method I used was to have an "admin" assign records to specific "agents."

There are tutorials that cover this in the help section.

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That doesn't help if you don't know which record a user will need to work on. For an enterprise database it seems an astonishing lack of forethought by the developers that allows one user to open a record and start to enter data, then a second user opens the same record with no warning. The first user saves his data then the second user saves his data - and immediately overwrites the data entered by the first user which is then lost! It has happened to us today. There should be some way built in to prevent the record opening again or at least warn the user, not as a piece of custom programming we have to pay extra for.

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