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Using my exisiting Wordpress-based membership site, can I embed a Q&A field on a wordpress page, which would be unique to each member, using parameters or some other process? Upon login, I would like members to see, for example, 10 question fields with an answer field for each (a web form, I presume). Members would enter answers to my questions in the relative fields and their answers would remain there, on that same page (called from the caspio database) for them to see upon re-login. I wonder if someone might help me udnerstand if this is possible and how it might be accomplished? Thanks so much!

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Hi Efpublishing,

It is easy accomplish with Caspio. You need 2 tables: one for authentication with user names, emails, IDs, passwords, etc(http://howto.caspio.com/authentication/ ... ntication/); second for your questions, each field correspond to each question and one field for user identification (it may be unique email or user ID). And you need to create two DataPages:

- Submission Form (for each question, configure radio buttons form element with possible answers. For authentication field, you may configure hidden field and receive information from the authentication table (for example, user ID) - in this case, the DataPage has to be authenticated, or just ask user to type her email address)

- single record update (or Direct to Details) to show user her answers (use unique field in RLS).

You may find information about record level security on how to site: http://howto.caspio.com/authentication/ ... -security/


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