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Noob question ! HElp



I'm a very new Caspio user and I think I have a pretty simple one for anyone with any experience.

First I have a view that relates two different tables. Table1 is the data I want to narrow down based on choices made in a webform. Table2 will be the data created based on those choices. So I created a webform with 4 cascading dropdowns. The user makes a choice on the first drop down, which narrows the second drop down, which narrows the 3rd, which gives the user the drilled down list to choose from in the 4th. When the user makes the selection on the 4th drop down, they have narrowed the list down to one row in the table. From this choice I need to populate Table2 with the corresponding row of data in Table1, but I don't want to show the rest of the data on the screen.

I know this has to be a simple thing to do, but I can't seem to figure it out. Someone please give a newbie a little enlightenment.


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Hi Lukesawyer,

As I understand, you don't want to submit data to the first table, you only want to use data from the first table to select correct data for the second. Is it correct? if yes, you need to create one submission form (use the second table as data source). Use the first table as data source for dropdowns. If you don't need to submit data from parent dropdowns to the table, you may use virtual fields for them (I think you will need 4 virtual fields for your 4 dropdowns). Than you have to create cascading dropdown for all fields from the table 2 (table 1 is datasource, virtual field4 is parent field and filter by). And then you may hide fields using a table (http://howto.caspio.com/customization/h ... pages.html)

Hope this helps.

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