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CV database only for the candidates to complete




My hubby is a lorry driver and they is nothing out they just for them so

I am looking for something that will Allow prospective candidates to submit applications CVs directly onto my web site website.

so then i can take them stright to the companies who will then choose the candidates with the right skill set in stead of them going thought all of them but i cant seem to find any thing that will only collect the CV info and then allow the employee to look thought them

can anyone help me and is they any thing out they which can do this ?


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Are you trying to restrict the file type users can upload to the system? As far as I know there is no way to control the file type; users can upload any kind of files as it says here: http://howto.caspio.com/files-and-image ... mages.html :?: :?: :?:

You might be able to read the extension of the uploaded file on submission and throw a message if it is not ".csv" by extra programming. I searched online and found this : http://forums.asp.net/t/1156963.aspx/1

There is a function there that might help you. You can call this function in this format:

document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit = checkFileExtension;

I have not tried it though.

Good Luck!! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

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