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I have a List-string (multiselect dropdown) on my datapage that i want to display in an email using triggered actions. please help



I need to insert a List-string data type into my email that I created using triggered actions. 

But as you know the triggered actions do not allow List-string data types, a suggestion came that i should make use of the code in this post (1) but unfortunately it requires a lot of modification for it to work using a multi-select dropdown. Can someone please help? 







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Hi @Didier

It seems there is no easy way. I would not suggest using the list string data type at all. Instead, you need to have a look-up table with options and a table that has a record ID from the main table and an option ID from a look-up table. In this table, you will draw a connection between which options relate to which records.
But if you do not want to make these changes, there is another approach
You can convert list string values to store them in text 255/text 64000 field. This can work in the following way:
1. You create an additional text255/text 64000 field (depending on the length of your options) in your main table
2. You export your table. List string column will be exported as text data.
3. You import back your table using update action, and map previously exported list string column with text255/text 64000 field column

This way, you will have your previously selected List string options in text 255/text 64000 field. And text 255/text 64000 fields can be used in triggered action.
To make things consistent, you would need to change the way you input your records, so instead of submitting options to list string field, you will submit them to text 255/text 64000 field.

You can use this solution to turn input for 255/text 64000 field into listbox with checkboxes to imitate list string input:


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