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Entering Custom Header based on Search Input



I would like to insert a header into a datapage based on the data entered in the search field. I have another datapage that has a column of numbers and words. So for instance when someone enters a number into the search field, in the header the corresponding word would appear.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Do you want to show the corresponding word on the result page? Then you can create a view on to join the main searching table and the lookup table which contains the numbers and corresponding words. Create a search report Datapage and select the view as data source. You can add [@field:WORDSFIELDNAME] into the header of "Configure Results Page Fields" screen. It will display the related word on the result page.

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You can pass the search parameter to the next page and in the header of the results page receive the parameter such as: [@parameter1]

To do so, edit the Search DataPage and enable Advanced options and Passing parameters in the second wizard screen then move on to Configure Search Fields screen and select the search field that you want to pass the value to the next page then click on the Advanced tab and enable passing parameter, you can rename the parameter to whatever you want, i.e: [@name]

Then in your Configure Results page Fields screen you can insert Header/Footer using the small picker button at the bottom of DataPage Elements and inside the header type in:

Name: [@name]

Note the parameter name in our example is "name" and it should be passed and received calling the same name.


Bahar M.

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