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Auto Numbering Problem



I have had a couple of issues with one of my Datapages.

In theory, it is quite simple really. A worker “pulls a file number†and inputs the date. The next worker gets the next number. ETC ETC…

What has happened twice is somehow 2 different employees end up with the SAME number. Yet, on my table for this it only shows ONE of them pulled the number.

My datapage for this is “Pull_File_Number_Web_Form†and my table is called “Pull_File_Numberâ€..

I was wondering how two different people are coming up with the same number??

One solution I can think of that would remedy this is to allow only ONE user at a time on that particular Data Page…. ( Problem is…. I don’t know how to do that ! )

Please help,


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Hi, Paul

Could you please give more information about field with numbers?

Do you use 'General Number' datatype field or 'Autonumber'?

To avoid the same numbers, you can make your field 'Unique' in the Table Design, or you can use 'Autonumber' datatype field to automatically insert a unique number into each record. Also you can use in the datapage 'AutoValues' form element with 'UniqueID' option, then this field would be hidden on the form and on submit unique number will be inserted in the table.

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Paul, the problem is that if the first worker has a datapage open and pulls a number, while they are doing so there is nothing to stop a second worker opening the datapage and also pulling the same number because at that point nothing has been saved. Unfortunately Caspio doesn't lock that first number while it is being used and it only becomes unavailable after the record is saved. I raised this a while back when I developed a database for survey bookings and, like you, discovered that two call centre workers had the same slot (record) open, the first one saved it only to have it over-written by the next when they saved "their" record. It was rare fortunately but very frustrating because there was nothing to indicate that a record had been over-written and the first data was lost. I still haven't come up with a satisfactory solution.

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