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Combining common fields from two tables into one report



This may be very obvious... but it's eluding my ever-aging brain. I have two tables... one defining courses to be presented at a large conference and one defining events such as parties, meetings, meals, etc. There are just a FEW fields in each table that are of common or similar data... namely NAME (of the event or course), DATE, START TIME, END TIME, and LOCATION. Other than that, these tables are VERY different in their structure.

I simply need to create a report that lists these common fields as on Calendar of Events, so to speak, listing the courses and events all in one report, sorted along dates and times.

This is not really a "join" unless I am missing something.



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Walt, this seems to be a merge not a join therefore View does not help in this case. You need to merge these two tables into one and that can be done in Excel. Export the tables into Excel, keep the common fields in each file and then copy paste form one to another, this way you only keep the common fields and data into one table. Now you can import it into Caspio as one table and create your calendar.


Bahar M.

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