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Copy to clipboard button in a report list



Hello. I have a list report that I want to create a copy to clipboard button for a text area. Any suggestions on the code to copy to clipboard. I saw some code for tabbed report but I cannot seem to make that work.

Thank you very much :)

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I don't know if this will serve your needs but I added a button on a report results screen so that the user can click a single button and it does a rich-text copy to their clipboard of all the content on the report results page.

Here's the simple HTML for the button:


<input id="clickMe" onclick="copyRichTextToClipboard();" type="button" value="Copy page content to clipboard" />

And here's the script that I put into the footer of that report page so that the button above can call the script.


function copyRichTextToClipboard() {
  // Create a range that encompasses the entire document
  const range = document.createRange();

  // Create a new selection and add the range to it
  const selection = window.getSelection();

  try {
    // Execute the copy command to copy the selected content with rich text format
    alert('Rich text content of the page has been copied to the clipboard.');
  } catch (error) {
    console.error('Copy to clipboard failed:', error);
    alert('Copying rich text to clipboard is not supported in this browser.');
  } finally {
    // Clear the selection



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