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Can we create a blog on Caspio Bridge



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Caspio Bridge is an online database and its strength is in database driven web apps such as search and reporting, submitting, updating and web user authentication capabilities. If you are looking for a blogging app, there are plenty softwares out there that are purposed for blogging, you can Google it.

To check out Caspio's ready made apps, see http://www.caspio.com/apps/. If you have specific need for an app I recommend to submit a consultation request at http://www.caspio.com/support/professio ... vices.aspx to consult with one of Caspio solution advisors to inquire about the feasibility and custom development cost.


Bahar M.

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I was very interested to see this thread. Developing RSS feeds for our Caspio reports has been a high priority. After a lot of research and talking to support, it's pretty much impossible without resorting to some crazy PHP cURL coding or such. Luckily, I found a very simple, elegant solution. A bit of a kludge, but it works beautifully.

http://www.extralabs.net/ has a $29.95 product called RSS Wizard that can read visible web page content and create a RSS XML document that is then uploaded via built-in FTP functionality. You decide upon tags that demarcate your ITEM elements and have them print to the screen using your Caspio reporting... such as:






#author#John Doe#/author#



... repeating as needed.

RSS Wizard has built-in scheduling so it can sit on some machine and check the Caspio report as often as every minute, read in the text, create the XML file, and then upload it. Many profiles can be created and scheduled to handle multiple RSS feeds concurrently.


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