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Create multiple line in a single submission



Hi. I am working on a timesheet application.

I have employees fill up a time sheet everyday. Each employee enters their ID , and the date. Then they need to enter jobs and times they spent on those jobs. I create 5 fields for potentially 5 different jobs. The employee submits the form once instead of  5 times. That also ensures that the sum of their hours is 8h/day (Simple calculation within the form).

My form creates 1 line with 5 jobs as columns. Some jobs are blank if nothing is entered.

How would I create a table with 1 job per line from that form?

1 job filled up would create 1 line

3 jobs filled up would create 3 lines


Thank you !


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Hello @Pascal,

From the database best practices point of view, it is not recommended to create 5 fields for jobs. 
You are correct, you need 1 field for that. So, the Table design looks like this:

However, I am afraid the user should enter the records one by one.
So, the best option is to use a Tabular Report with the Inline Insert option enabled to enter multiple records through one DataPage:




If the records should be created automatically, depending on the number of jobs assigned to the user on a specific date, this can be done by a Trigger.
Please provide more details if you need further assistance. 

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Thanks for taking the time to answer Cooper!

I just use the basic plan and don't have access to triggered  actions.

Is there a way to create a table that grabs a set column of a table and create a line. Then grabs another set of columns and creates to create the next line?




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Hello @Pascal,

I am afraid that Triggers or Tasks are needed to automate the processes, in particular, to insert/update/delete data in the tables automatically.

Since the users fill up a time sheet every day as you mentioned, the Tabular report is an option. 

Have you tested a Tabular Report that is based on the 'Table_Job_Combined' table? Which concerns do you have regarding this approach? 

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Not protected. Supervisors report for their team (Up to 10 Employee ID).

Testing another solution: 

My date comes from a form. I created 5 different reports with identical columns. Hoping I can "merge" the 5 reports into another table or view 


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