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Tabbed Navigation Pages




I am using tabbed navigation pages, using "Tech Tip: Create Tabbed Navigation For Multiple DataPages" from Caspio's online support.

However, the tab styling is really just a plain box - doesn't at all look like a tab -- has anybody had success in styling it so that it actually looks like what most web users would recognize as a tab. Any help is appreciated - even pointers to a caspio-implemented tabbed layout so that I can examine the css.

Thanks for your responses.


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Hi HongTaiLang,

Thanks for your response.

Sure, attached is an image (the first one) of the tabbed layout that I implemented with Caspio's Tech Tip. As you will see, there is no visual cue that it is tabbed content when you look at the webpage. The box that comes default (that I have now removed) simply is a thin border box that doesn't even wrap around the content (rather it just is a thin box on a page, so I have removed it for now). What I am looking for would be a better visual cue that makes it clear to the reader/viewer that this is tabbed content. A good example to start with would be the second file attached.



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