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Searching for records with multiple zip codes



I am trying to create a datapage that searches for records, which contain multiple zip codes. I currently have one table with column labels for 'Zip Code 1', 'Zip Code 2', and so on (some have as many as 5 zip codes). Each row is a business (unique record), which contains the multiple zip codes. If a particular business is tied to a zip code the cell under that zip code is marked with a 'Y'.


Name 10001 10002 10003

Acme Company Y Y

The search form I'd like users to see would include the following:

1) Drop Down Menu with Business Names (unique records)

> Business Name: [Dropdown Menu]

2) Drop Down Menu to select a zip code

> Zip Code: [Dropdown Menu]

Is it possible to create such a datapage?

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Thanks MayMusic - Yes they are in a yes/no field. Problem with radio buttons and including the yes/no/any option is that from a design perspective it's very unfriendly. Having one checkbox and having it ignored for instance is much better, but there does not seem to be a way for even javascript to ignore checkboxes. Any experience here?

We're in the process of rethinking our table design all together. I think it's strange though that there is not an option to ignore unchecked checkboxes. Thank you.

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