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Notification email when record changes...



Hi there.

I have a database that is working well but I need to know WHAT data fields are changed when someone changes their record. For example, each family record has over 30 fields. A person might go in an change only their 'cell phone number'. I know how to get an AUTOMATIC notification email that the record was changed, but I need to get an email that shows me WHICH field they changed.

Is this possible? If not standard, is this something that the development team can help develop?



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Work around: Not necessarily pretty, but you can assign each field a virtual field that is a checkbox with no label. You need one before each field, then make the field disabled unless the checkbox is checked. They will need to check the box to edit a field.

You can then adjust your emails to mark those where the checkbox was checked- meaning those were likely edited. Again also not foolproof since they may not actually edit the field if the hit the checkbox. And really the success of that depends on the users- will work better if this is an internal report where the users understand the point of the checkboxes.

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