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Upload and retrieve multiple images

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Can Caspio be used to retrieve multiple "tif" files by reading the file name?

For example: We will scan multiple documents and refer to them as Case Numbers "12SP12345", 11CVD12345", "10SP123435", etc (all case numbers will be 9 characters long). Over time these case numbers will have multiple documents relative to the case scanned for retrieval. Because each "Case Number" (which is unique) will have multiple documents scanned that need to be retrieved relative to the case number I was thinking of labeling all further scanned documents with the case number plus date and time clocked (into the office) plus name of form. For Example "12SP12345" plus date "20121101" plus time "10:00 am" plus filing type "upsetbid". We would label the new scanned document "12SP12345-20121101-10:01am-upsetbid". The next document might be "12SP12345-20121101-04:30pm-upsetbid".

We then need to be able to search for case number "12SP12345" and have all documents saved with the prefix of "12SP12345" viewable.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Where do you upload your files? In Caspio file section? Or on a FTP site?

If you Import your files manually into Caspio file section:

You need to have a case table and also a file table. The relation between these two tables is one to many since each case can have more than one file.

tbl_Case: Case_Number (Test 255), ....

tbl_File: File_ID (autonumber), FileName (File), Case_Number (Test 255), date (Date/Time)

Now to have a report to search for a case and pull up the files you can create a view based on two table to join these tables and use it as the source of the report: tbl_Case.Case_Number = tbl_File.Case_Number

The best way of getting the file names to the table is creating a submission page based on "tbl_File" and upload the file through the page. This way you will have the reference in the table as well (FileName).

If you have the file in an FTP site

Your tables will be:

tbl_Case: Case_Number (Test 255), ....

tbl_File: File_ID (autonumber), FilePath (File), Case_Number (Test 255), date (Date/Time)

You need to manually add the URL of the file in the table. Create the view and use as the source of the report.

If you want to automate the steps you need to ask for a custom development http://www.caspio.com/support/professional-services.aspx

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