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How do I embed a SWF file from Caspio

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I'm using the Bridge API to create a gallery/admin with images uploaded to Caspio. I want to be able to embed flash files uploaded to Caspio from my admin. I'm using swfobject.js to create a dynamic publication object.

The problem I'm running into is the embed permissions from Caspio. I can download the SWF from Caspio, but I simply can't embed it in my web page.

How do I allow SWF files to run on my remote web app? Anybody out there have any experience with this?



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why not creating a regular form and use it as mobile form??

Thanks for your answer above. I'm using an embedded app for the admin. I have no trouble with that part.

But the front-facing client page has to be a web app with responsive design. I simply have greater control over the design by using a Caspio Bridge API profile to query my objects instead of Caspio's "apps".

Alas, without cross-domain scripting (impossible in my case) or transferring files, I can't correct this problem. Caspio is meant to be used as a database SaaS, not a file-serving CDN. This is evident by the restrictions Caspio has on bandwidth.


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