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Retreive Record in Search Form




I am trying to conditionally populate some html fields in a "Search and Report Form" based on data in my records. But for the life of me, I cant seem to figure out a way to retrieve the record data element.

The Data element I am retrieving from my record is "DealersUS_Company_name" and its available as a field in the report.

I tried something like this in the HTML section of my datapage


document.getElementById('biz-name').innerHTML= document.getElementById("EditRecordDealersUS_Company_name").value;


I also tried replacing "EditRecord" with "InsertRecord", but I just cant seem to retrieve the record!!

I know that innerHTML works in Caspio because I tried the following and it does display "My_Name" correctly in the h2 header!


document.getElementById('biz-name').innerHTML= "My_Name"


For debugging, I also tried this but dont get any alert.


var name = document.getElementById("InsertRecordDealersUS_Company_name").value;



Also replaced "InsertRecord" with "EditRecord"

What am I missing here??

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