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Updating Timestamp info in Table



I have a table of 3000+ records which has a timestamp field in it. The Table is setup to capture the timestamp on "record creation" & "record update".

However when I Import the Excel spreadsheet, the timestamps are no populated on record creation. They will however update if I make any changes to the table from within the bridge.

I have some pricing data in the table that will be updated on a daily/weekly basis. I was planning on updating the Excel spreadsheet with the latest prices daily/weekly and then importing it into Caspio with "Replace existing Table" option. This way I could do a bulk update of my records. But I need the timestamp to reflect the update. How do I do this?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Thanks for your response MayMusic.

I should've mentioned that the price field can also be updated via individual update form submission. So do you know if I can update the _SAME_ timestamp field in Excel (and upload) and also have it auto-update later when the record is changed via form submission.

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