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Internet explorer 8 overflow



Dear readers,

Maybe somebody can help me. I don't know where it comes from, but I have a problem using IE8 (some of my customers still use this).

I recently starting using caspio and am very pleased with it. I have a couple of datapages deployed in my website and want to build some more. I recently changed my contact form to a caspio form and now I seem to have a problem wit IE8. I get a "stack overflow in line: 151". First I thought this was only for this form, but I also see the problem in my other deployed datapages. Does anybody know where this is coming from and how I can fix this? I cannot make my customers upgrade to IE9 or change their browser, so it is a big problem for us.

The contact form is on this page: http://www.personalcarlease.nl/contact.html

other caspio page: http://www.personalcarlease.nl/occasions.html

the error message is attached.

Hope somebody can help me. Is this a general problem for caspio and IE8?

Greatings, Joris

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