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Access field values from previous records



I have created a form that a healthcare provider fills out for each patient visit (Visit Form). Typically a patient will visit the provider several times and therefore have several records in the Visit Form table. The Visit Form for each visit is initially created by a submission datapage. After clicking submit a search and report datapage is automatically launched, searches the table for that particular Visit Form and displays the fields for that Visit Form in the details page. The healthcare provider can then edit this Visit Form record from the details page. The provider repeats the process and creates another record for each patient visit.

Much of the data stays the same from visit to visit, but the provider must still record this data for each visit. In the details page for this Visit Form, how can I populate certain fields with data from a previous Visit Form record?

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Best way is normalizing your table. You need to have two tables to prevent saving same records over and over:


PatientID (primary key), Patient_Name, Address, Birthday, Email ...


VisitID, PatientID (Foreign key), Description ...

This way you can connect two tables using PatientID to see which visit belongs to which Patient if you want to get a report out of it. Take a look at this example: http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/in-a ... pages.html


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Thanks, but using the example in the link you gave me, I need data from the latest entry in the Log History to auto populate into the New Log page. In my scenario "new logs" contain much of the same info as previous log entries, so do avoid having the user re-type a lot of entries, I want these entries from the previous post to auto populate the new log. Let me know if this is not clear. Thanks.

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