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Sum of Product shipped by Country




We're trying to create a report that shows the sum of units shipped by product within a given territory.

While our calculations shows total units shipped, across all products, in a given territory, what we want is to show totals by product in a given territory, and then one lump some for respective territory. See our attachment. As you can see, each product is not summed properly so the same item is listed multiple times under each territory grouping.

What we want to show is as follows:


ItemNoA Product Name A TOTAL of Line Item/Product A (qty_to_ship)

ItemNoB Product Name B TOTAL of Line Item/Product B (qty_to_ship)

ItemNoC Product Name C TOTAL of Line Item/Product C (qty_to_ship)

and so forth...

Any insight?


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You have the option to apply an aggregate to the first level subgroup. If you apply totals and aggregations to your subgroup, the cell data for the subgroup will be appended before the label. In your case, it is "country of sale. But it is only for first level group. It is not a standard feature to apply aggregation to the second level group, as Product Name.

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