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How to make auto-clearning default text in form fields?



*****Update: I realized that text fields have the "assign static value" option, but dropdown fields don't. I'm still unhappy with the documentation, which should note which kinds of fields can be assigned static values and which cannot. And I'd still like a solution to my problem, which is that when my users register, the "State" field shows "Alabama," which makes that item easy for the user to overlook and skip. I've found a rather clumsy work-around for now (making "-- Select --" a record within my "state_lookup" table, so that "-- Select --" shows by default in the field dialog box, rather than "Alabama"), but I'd still like to know how to put in a default value. I'm wagering that's in the documentation somewhere, but I sure can't find it. The Caspio documentation really needs expansion (in consultation with an experienced copy-editor who is not also a Caspio expert; experts will inevitably overlook esoteric things beginners need to know but which seem intuitive to the expert). I think Caspio is a wonderful product, but I'll bet lots of users are put off by the very incomplete documentation (and that Caspio loses a corresponding amount of money because of that).

Original post below:


In the Help documentation, Caspio gives directions on how to make auto-clearing default text appear in a submission form's fields--but those directions appear to be out-of-date. On this page,


scroll down to the third graphic on the page, you'll see a screen shot showing a feature to "assign static value" with an accompanying dialog box. But on my own computer screen, when I open the appropriate datapage's Web Form Wizard to its "Advanced" tab as it shows in that screenshot above, there is no "assign static value" option or dialog box!

Has the "assign static value" option been moved to somewhere else? Or has it simply been discontinued? Is it still possible to make auto-clearing default text in form fields? How?

Caspio is apparently in the habit of changing its product without changing its documentation to match. :-( This is the second time I've found a documentation problem like this in two days. I've wasted a lot of time trying to find functions that appear to be missing. So frustrating...and, since it appears they've discontinued some functionality over time, I'm left wondering if other functionality I'm depending on will disappear in the future with no warning.

I find myself questioning the wisdom of building my business on this platform. Can someone please offer help?

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