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Auto Populate Field Based On Prior Answer



I'm really hoping someone can help with this. 


I want to have one drop down, Field A, with options A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5.


If someone fills in A1, I then want field B to auto populate with certain text (The quick brown fox).

If someone fills in A2, I want field B to auto populate with different text (The orange fish.)


I need this so I can customize the content of the automatic email that goes out to people who fill out the form.


Thanks in advance!



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You can create  a lookup table:
Options Text
A1 Text1
A2 Text2
A3   Text3
Then you can use this as the source of the dropdown. And create a cascading dropdown which looks into this and populates the corresponding text. You can hide the cascading dropdown if you wish: http://howto.caspio.com/customization/hide-fields-in-datapages.html
;) ;) ;) ;)

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May, first of all - thanks so much for your response - I totally appreciate your help.  :) Newbies like me need all the help we can get with onroading to a new system. (We were using Zoho, but the client management side of that was just too much to deal with.)


Second, I figured out the cascading - hidden - dropdown method you suggested, but the challenge (and you knew there was one, right) is that it needs to include HTML (because they are links and I need those links to go into the confirmation email.... the links change based on the prior field data, and then get put into customized confirmation emails to the person filling out the form. ) And because of that, the text field for the dropdown is too short. If you make it into a text area from the outset, it breaks. 


So, I kludged it... I said it was a text field, set the whole hidden drop down up, then changed the field type, added the HTML in the database. It's working - those links are populating in the confirmation email as expected. But if I make any changes to either field, I get an error saying that it's the wrong data type - which, let's face it - it is. 


What I was hoping is that there was a way to script it so it's not quite so "mc-guyver"-esq.  ;) I'm concerned that it could break at any minute. 


Again, thanks for your initial response. Any other thoughts are super appreciated!

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