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Submit Multiple Entries To One Table And Post To More Than One Table





I am trying to create an order submission process.


I have two tables: an order delivery details table, and and order details table.

The reason for this is that there will be only one order number per order, but potentially several items in each order.

Then the orders will need to be imported in our warehouse management system, meaning I will require one line per item per order.


So the order details table only has the following fields: order ID; Item No; Quantity required


The process I am trying to achieve is as follows (i have indicated between brackets what I have managed to achieve):


1) User indicate the delivery details on the first data form (DONE)

2) The order number is generated automatically (DONE)

3) Change the 'Submit' button to a 'Next' button

4) On clicking the button, take to new datapage to indicate order details (DONE)

5) Order number is transfered to new page and hidden (DONE)

6) User selects an item to order from a drop-down (DONE)

7) User indicates the quantity required (DONE)

8) User can decide to add a new item to the order, i.e. create a new item entry on the same form, and then indicate the quantity required

9) User needs to be able to repeat process 8) undefinitely, i.e. keep adding items to the order

10) User submits order (DONE)

11) An auto email is sent alerting of a new order (DONE)

12) user is taken back to the 'delivery details' data page to start a new order if necessary (DONE)


I would appreciate some help to achieve this if possible. If a simpler solution exists, I am more than happy to hear suggestions!


Many thanks



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3- If you are not using an image button you can customize the text on the button in the Localization you are using for this page. To find out if you are using image button or not, please open the style you are using for this page in edit mode and navigate to Setting screen under Forms/Details >> Buttons >> Image Replacement you can check if you have enabled image for submit/update button.


To customize the text on the button open the Localization you are using for the page and navigate to Setting screen under Forms/Details >> Buttons find the element and enable the custom text.


*** Note the changes you make to a style or localization will affect all the pages that are using them. If you like to make these changes only in one DataPage, create a copy of the Style/Localization, make the changes and apply the copy one to your page.


8- In the submission successful message area of the order details submission page you can create a link to open the same submission page and pass the ID back again to the page. <a href="URL?ID=[field:IDFIELD]"> Add More Order </a> this way they can keep adding items

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trying to create this exact same outcome, a one/many order/item workflow - except present all items on one order screen in a list with a checkbox for each item, rather than looping through a dropdown selection to write one item at a time back to the order detail table.


so the basic workflow would be create an order, select all items that apply, then click submit.  


what i haven't figured out is the form to write the selected items as separate records to the order detail table.  multi-select list isn't user friendly and comma separated column values aren't helpful for reporting.

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