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Sorting In A Search And Report Database



I have a table which stores price information for each record. When I display results via a search and report datapage, I am currently sorting them based on price - low to high. That part works great and I've no issues with. 


My problem is as follows - the table has some records that have no price information in it. These records are being treated as price $0 and are therefore ranked higher than other records that have valid price data. What I want is for the records with no price information to be sorted lower - i.e. displayed after all the records that have price information in them. Is there a way to do this?


Thanks for your help in advance.



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Thanks for your response Emma! 


Actually filtering the blank records doesnt work because I want the records with $0 to be displayed - just displayed *AFTER* the ones with valid price info in them. 


I figured out another way to do this. I manually updated the records with no price information to have a max price e.g. $1000. This way the sort functionality always sorts them correctly. Thanks for your help.

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