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Tabular Report Question



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Steps to set up a range:


1. Proceed to Configure Search Fields screen of your DataPage.

2. Select the field that will contain the range of "total wages".

3. Select "Listbox" from the "Form element" dropdown menu.

4. From Comparison type dropdown menu pick "Range".

5. Choose "Custom Values" as a "Source" of your Range.

6. Insert values for "Display"/"Range start"/"Range end". For example:


$ 60,000.00 to $ 70,000.00/ 60000/ 70000


You can set up several ranges according to your need using the "New" button.


See the screenshots attached.


You may also Select "Lookup table or view"/"Both" if you have one field for range start and another for range end in your Table on step 5.



Hope this helps!



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In the past I have been able to create searches based on the "range" option - such as  range of salaries.


There is now no "range" option that I can find in the comparision type dropdown menu. I am using tabular option and "dropdown" as the form element. There is sometthing called "Begin with" where "range" used to be.


Am I missing something?

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